Updated for August: Facebook Pages vs Groups

If you’ve read anything on the difference between Facebook pages and groups that’s older than two months, chances are it’s probably outdated. The Facebook team has steadily been updating the pages and group features every other month! Groups in particular had been lagging behind in features until facebook recently revamped them. (see chart)

Here’s an updated guide to the features of Fan Pages and Groups. If I’ve missed anything please leave a comment and let me know. I want to keep this list current!)

Fan Pages: brand produced; fan driven

Pages are good for Brands, Celebrities, Bands, Companies, Non-Profits etc…

Think the energizer bunny. Pages don’t ignite like groups do but, if done right, they are great as a long-term solution to interacting and learning about your customers.

Groups: content produced; member driven

Groups are good for Common Interests, Protests, Petitions etc…

Think of a drag race or political campaign. They take off and gain momentum extremely quickly but the growth usually plateaus after a short period of time. I look at groups as either a great place for discussing common interests or raising awareness quickly.

Pages_vs_Groups (click for full size)

Pages vs Groups

Pages vs Groups


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