Need a break from the radio?


I love the radio.

Having been a DJ for 5 years, I have a great appreciation for the radio. I still love to skip from station to station in my car. But I can only take so much classic rock and commercials. More and more I have been downloading podcasts and listening to them in my car.

I find myself mostly  listening to business, tech, and productivity podcasts. So here are my current top 5 favorites within those categories:

  1. Harvard Business IdeaCast: Features interviews, commentary, and ideas from leading business and mgmt thinkers. Definitely check out
  2. Pop!Tech Pop!Cast Videos: Great videos from a 3-day summit that draws a huge number of visionary thinkers in science, busienss, technology etc..
  3. Ted Talks: (video) This is one of my favorites. Talks from some of the worlds most fascinating people.
  4. Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty tips to work less and do more: Short 5-6 minute podcasts offering useful tips ranging from how to focus when your on the computer to remembering names and faces.
  5. iinnovate: Stanford students lead 15-minute interviews with leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. I definitely recommend the interview with Scott Cook, founder of Intuit.

Any great podcasts I’m missing?


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